Some Suggestions to Prep for Winter Driving In Atlantic Canada

Whether you are new to Atlantic Canada or have lived here all your life, it is always good to be prepared for anything in Atlantic Canada’s winter season. Make sure to have your winter tires on & your car in & checked to be ready ahead of our winter weather. Doing all this could help if you are caught by an early snowstorm. If you travel with a cell phone make sure it is charged in case of emergency & have the necessary supplies in your car in case you are stuck somewhere… Things to possibly have in a travel bag in the trunk would be a blanket or 2, food that stores well such as granola bars, water, rice krispies squares, anything that will give you energy. A first aid kit is always a great idea to have in your car all year round. Flares and also the hot pocket hand & feet warmers are great for helping keep everyone warm. These are a few suggestions always checkout what is best for your situation during the winter months driving….

Keep the emergency number for your area in your phone so you can contact help if need be…

Here is a link to the Nova Scotia Transportation Page.


Enjoy The Winter Season!

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