Market is Stable

Posted By Jordie Dwyer/Record Staff

Fort Saskatchewan's housing market is balanced and stable, according to a local realtor.


Gary Gordon of Century 21 1st Choice Realty explained the market for single-family homes has been through a recorrection and that he doesn't anticipate seeing another spike in prices like the region saw a few years ago.


"Things have recovered somewhat and there are a lot mre properties available now" he said, "But there are a few higher priced homes that are taking a licking.  Buyers have too much access to information and are a lot more knowledgeable, so if you are getting the proper advice and priced correctly, you should get a range of showings and usually an offer not long after.  You can't cheat the market any longer."

The October statistics from the Realtors Association of Edmonton show Fort Saskatchewan had 20 homes sold for an average price of about $427,000. However, Gordon feels the median price - of avout $382,000 -  is a better indication of actual cost.

"Afew high-priced sales can easily skew the statistics. I'd like to see them follow the worth of a typical home in the market - a  1980s 1,180-square foot home with a double detached garage," he said.

"And while I don't see the light switch going on again, you can see things slowly increasing with new projects on the horizon."

And while the housing is looking better, there remains a glut of condos, Gordon added.

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