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The wonderful little community of Gibbons, AB is located right along the east side of the Sturgeon River. Highway 28A and 28B Junction just north of the city on the west side of the river. With a population of just over 3000, this is a wonderful small community that provides a perfect atmosphere for those planning to move away from the larger more populated areas of Alberta. This is a community that has a lot to offer when it comes to community, business, and families that enjoy outdoor activities and educational growth. Here you will discover more about this wonderful community, and why this would make an excellent choice for real estate investments.

Rich in heritage - Gibbons is named after one of the most energetic, determined pioneers to ever settle in this area. In April of 1892, William Reynolds Gibbons decided it was time for himself, his wife and his three young sons to head west from their home in Orilla, Ontario. Loading the family possessions into a box car, they left Orillia by train, to arrive in Calgary on May 12, 1892. Being adventurous, the Gibbons' decided to continue their journey north to Edmonton. They boarded the very first train to travel from Calgary to Edmonton. However construction of the railroad was not fully complete and the Gibbons' along with other passengers assisted the railroad crew in laying the last ties and rails, enabling the train to reach the new Edmonton platform. The Gibbons' bought property and built their first home on a parcel of land which is now the site of the Gibbons Municipal Office. 

Rooted in Family - Gibbons today, is a vibrant and growing community located along the picturesque banks of the Sturgeon River Valley. At the junction of Highway 28 and 28A, Gibbons is located a short 5.6 km from the Alberta Heartland Industrial area and only 15 minutes fro Northeast Edmonton. Gibbons offers exceptional Health Care, education, and community and cultural organizations to enhance the quality of life within the community. Residents and visitors can fish for trout in the stocked fish pond, take a walk along the river valley, share a picnic in the park or just enjoy the unmatched scenery. Watch history come alive when you visit the Gibbons museum or visit nearby Jurassic Forest and spend some time with the dinasaurs. Come and see why Gibbons is Rich in History and Rooted in Family. 

* Parks & Recreation

As with many of the towns located in the central area of Alberta, you will discover that they are full of recreational facilities, cultural facilities, outdoor programs, and parks that provide everything from camping and tennis courts to hiking and climbing. Gibbons Memorial, Centre, and Brumfit Park will provide all that is needed when it comes to playgrounds, gazebos with game tables, picnic areas, and a variety of other attractive amenities that are used for outdoor.

* Economy

The businesses in the area are mainly commercial. You will find banks and financial institutions, automotive repair, appliance repair, construction and excavation, as well as other interesting sources of commerce such as beauty salons, churches, day care centers, catering services, and a huge recycling program for those that believe in a self sustainable community.

* Real Estate

Real estate opportunities in the area are abundant. You will discover that there are a vast number of opportunities available when it comes to private property, investment properties, businesses, or simply for those that would like to purchase a private home away from all the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. As with many of the other small towns located in the area, you will discover that Gibbons, AB has some of the lowest tax rates in the region. This is a perfect opportunity for those that would love to save when it comes to their personal or business investments.

* Schools

Educational needs are always important in small towns such as Gibbons, and for this reason there are a variety of different schools available for those that would either choose public or private schools for their students. Pooh Bear Preschool, Redwater high school, and Sturgeon learning Center are only a couple of options available for those that have students within these grade ranges. If you require opportunities for higher education, you'll be happy to know that you are only a short distance away from some of the colleges and universities in the Edmonton area.

Gibbons, AB is a town that is small in community but large in know-how. This is a community that understands the importance of outdoor activities, education for children, investment opportunities, and jobs for individuals. If you've been planning to relocate to any area in the central region of Alberta Canada, Gibbons will provide a variety of opportunities when it comes to any of the needs listed above.

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