Age Restriction in Adult Buildings

I have always said "I am not sure how a condo or apartment could get away with discrimination of age.  I understand fully the concept of one wanting to not be around running in a hall and loud noises but as I have found building a condo specifically for a specific client and  implementing bi-laws and rules to establish the ground rules should deal with that.  Like in our Fort Saskatchewan's South Fort Bend Property.  No play ground, on site management and amenities to support seniors. 

Condominiums and apartment landlords as of Jan. 1 will no longer be allowed to put in age minimums for tenants. However, there is an exception — renters and condo owners would still be allowed to have seniors-only buildings as long as the minimum age were 55 or older.

Condominiums that have an age minimum under 55 will be allowed a 15-year transition so that investors and buyers have time to adapt without incurring financial loss.  What this means is Condo's will have to make some decisions very soon on this and work with the property management company's involved to have this completed.  

I still don't believe it will be that much of an issue.  This really means that Condo boards will have to adjust not only the bi-laws but the residents as well.

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