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Came across an interesting article about a private sale in Manitoba where a person using an alias was attempting to buy property. This person was a real estate agent with a suspended license and numerous compliants against him.  I urge caution to everyone to choose the people you work with.  Enjoy the article

Suspended real-estate broker using alias, home sellers claim


Two Winnipeg siblings say they believe a man who tried to buy their house using the name Steve Dupont was David Douglas, a suspended real-estate broker who has been the subject of numerous complaints.

Chantalle and Nathan Blais said they were privately selling their Westwood-area house in April when they came across Dupont, who claimed to be house-shopping for his aunt.

"He was supposed to be looking at the house, but he didn't pay attention to it at all and, yeah, he's just very slick," Nathan Blais said in an interview.

Said Chantalle Blais, "He was such a slick talker and he just kind of made me feel very uneasy; like, just a gut feeling of uneasiness and, you know, the hair on the back of your neck standing up."

The siblings said Dupont told them he owned a foundation company, and he gave them a business card for a company called Agassiz Rock Solid Foundation.

The card said the foundation company is a division of a numbered company, 6634452 Manitoba Ltd., and has an office on the 18th floor of 201 Portage Ave. in downtown Winnipeg.

Dupont signed an offer to buy their house, for $100 over their asking price, on behalf of the numbered company, according to sale documents provided by the siblings.

However, they said their lawyer advised against going ahead with the sale after spotting a number of what he called red flags, such as the fact that there was no deposit with the offer to purchase form.

The lawyer also noticed that the numbered company was listed in a woman's name, and her signature was nowhere to be found on the offer.

Days later, Nathan Blais said he noticed a story by the CBC News I-Team about Douglas, who is under investigation by the Manitoba Securities Commission.

"As soon as I saw his face I knew it was him," Blais said. "I was just like violated, almost."

"If the first thing out of your mouth is a lie, then everything else is a lie as well," he commented.

Douglas has operated a construction company and acted as real-estate broker, a mortgage broker and a lender, and he has held seminars about flipping houses for profit.

Last year, the I-Team spoke with several people who said they lost money to Douglas, including former employees and individuals who had taken the seminars.

In March — weeks before the Blaises claim he showed up at their home — the RCMP seized Douglas's files and computers, and the securities commission suspended his real estate broker's licence.

The I-Team checked out Agassiz Rock Solid Foundation and discovered it does not have an office on the 18th floor of 201 Portage Ave.

As well, the I-Team learned that the numbered company listed on the Agassiz business card is the same one used previously by Douglas for Naked Design Homes, one of his companies.

Douglas's lawyer told CBC News his client has no comment.

The Manitoba Securities Commission says it has received complaints that Douglas may be going by the alias Steve Dupont.

The commission is asking anyone with further information on the matter to contact its real estate division.

Below is the offer to purchase form used in the sale of Chantalle and Nathan Blais's home by 6634452 Manitoba Ltd. The document was provided to CBC News by the Blais siblings.

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