10 Feng Shui Tips for House Buying

Ideally, a Feng Shui home would be designed and build to take advantage of existing forms, time and facing.  Otherwise, we are just dealing with what we get when we are looking at already built homes and communities.  With that in mind, we can use some general guidelines in finding a home that conforms with standard Feng Shui principals.

 These tips are based on Forms only, and do not represent a directional qi map that is used to determine the best spot to place a desk or bed, or for that matter, the building itself.  This procedure would be done with a compass and Feng Shui charts.


1. A square house is preferred.

2. The front door should be in the front and center.

3. The house should look symmetrical.

4. Garages should be on the back or side.

5. There should be support at the back and sides. (Buildings and/or Mountains)

6. There should be nothing pointing at the house.

7. The style of the house should fit in with its surroundings.

8. The lot should be level and square.

9. There should be a spacious entrance with no trees or poles in front of the door.

10. Not near industrial, commercial or hydro.

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