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 I would like to blog about Feng Shui (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_shui) and what I believe to be misconceptions to this art.  The misconceptions come in the form of ignorance.  The public and media seem to be very quick to repeat jargon that is often misrepresented.  It is my goal to help the public understand this subject, and to be able to use it in everyday life to make their journey a little more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Falsity #1.  You have to be Chinese to understand Feng Shui.  It is not part of a DNA structure; it is a matter of geomancy, astrology, and philosophy.

    I am also a student, practitioner, and educator for the FSRC (http://www.astro-fengshui.com/misc/practitioners.html).  I have studied with Master Joseph Yu (http://fsrcenter.blogspot.com/) since the beginning of 2004.  It is during this time that I have been introduced to material written from as far back as the Shang Dynasty (1751 B.C. -1111 B.C.); But what is more important is how the material has been interpreted and modernized.  This is where Master Yu shines as he has the background and education to read the riddles and explain them in easy to understand academics.

    The term Feng (Wind) Shui (Water) is used for a lot of things these days.  Feng Shui is actually the study of how to protect a site from wind, and to promote harmonized pathways through the use of water; movement.  After determining a site’s qi flow based on time and space, corrections/“cures” are placed using vibrations of shape, colour and sound to promote harmony and good health.

    It is the study of qi (chi) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi).  It is used to provide us with all the necessities of achieving our goals in the least amount of time, and under the least amount of stress.  In turn, we are blessed with a comfortable lifestyle and more than average good fortune.  It works on a simple principal of the interaction of qi and whether it is in an enhancing or attacking mode, or just plain stagnating.

    Everything has qi; you, me, and the stuff around us. It is the purpose of Feng Shui to find the best way to utilize a space to fulfill a purpose or goal in life.  Feng Shui can only work within your limits.  It will never make you any better or worse than you can possible be, but it will make your life a whole lot easier, in that it will give you your own personal life manual that you can refer to every day to make each day the best day for you.

Falsity #2.  Practicing Feng Shui will make you richer beyond your wildest dreams.  Truth: Feng Shui will make you as rich as you are meant to be.  Everyone is born with a destiny.  Feng Shui will never make you any better or worse that your destiny allows.  But if we can say destiny is on a pathway, practicing Feng Shui will keep you on the high road, instead of struggling your life away on the bottom road.

Best of Qi

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