Feng Shui for the Bedroom


Your bedroom can influence your personality, affect your health, determine how restful your sleep will be, and even the health of your marriage. Each space is a combination of qi (chi) energy types and their interaction will determine each situation.  Furniture placement, colours and shapes will affect qi flow and are important for a restful sleep. 

The energy in your bedroom should be kept as quiet as possible. Our spirit consists of a yang and yin part.  The yang (moving) part leaves our body when we fall asleep, and travels until our yin (still) part awakens.  It is necessary for the yang spirit to travel and the yin spirit to re-energize.  This process should happen undisturbed.  This is why it is important to keep the bedroom quiet.

You can keep the space yin by avoiding items like ceiling fans, as they keep the room yang, and moving.  Avoid other yang type things like leaving the TV or stereo on, and do not leave windows open.  Keep room-darkening shades or curtains on the windows, to keep the room quiet and peaceful.

Be sure to never place a bed in front of a door.  If you must, then make sure you lock the door to avoid it being opened while you sleep.  This will avoid any rush of air crossing your body causing your yang spirit to be jerked back, prematurely.  This can cause health problems and sleeping disorders.

In Feng Shui, shapes in a room are important.  Round beds certainly have a place, but not for sleeping.  Round by nature is very yang.  Scented oils and sprays are also best left for those other times.

Be aware when choosing colours.  Even though red is widely accepted as a romance colour, there are situations where this colour will generate a qi flow that can cause arguing, and lead to marital problems.

A Feng Shui audit identifies the qi within a space and can tell you exactly what colours and shapes are best, however, if you would like to try to spice up a marriage that seems to be drifting apart you can try the colour gold.  Use gold candles in jeweled dishes, golden throws and pillows, scatter rugs, golden pictures and objects of art. 

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