Pick a Community! Maybe start with mine...

I love living in Cameron Heights! I am always so eager to encourage others to consider the neighborhood. What do I love?....the trails, the bike paths, my neighbors, local traffic only, walking down the hill to the beaver dam (or where it used to be) or biking with my kids on the walking paths all over the community.Ravine Walk

I think it is funny that people come into this community and say "there are no amenities". I have clients who live in a neghborhood with amenities and they still have to drive 5 mintues or more to get to the store. That's how long my drive is to Sobeys (Lessard) or add 3 more minutes and I'm at Save on Foods (Hampton Market) or Walmart (Windermere). My sons school is 6 minutes from my doorstep. So I don't really feel like there is any big inconvenience. And if there is any, I would trade it in a second for being able to see people cross country ski out my back door, speed walking through the ravine with my neighbor for half an hour in the evening, running for however many KM I want without crossing a road or smelling exhaust. My neighbors and I have each other on speed dial and a cup of sugar or two eggs are easil borrowed and replaced. Plus popping over for a quick glass of wine or two is a lot easier when you just have to walk across the street to get home.

Are people moving out of this area...? Some are yes, but some are just changing houses and staying here. Plus what will happen when the lots are all sold and the park is built. That is when the real community spirit begins. So based on what I know now, is a few years this area will be rocking!

Fall Walk in the Ravine

Geneva Tetreault

Geneva Tetreault

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