"To be successful you have to enjoy

doing your best while at the same

time contributing to something

beyond yourself."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,

bestselling author of Flow

"Security is mostly superstition...

Life is either a daring adventure,

or nothing."

Helen Keller

Before shopping for a new home, it's common - and

advisable - to create a "wish list" of the features you desire

most. For example, you might want an extra bedroom for

guests, ample space for a home office, a local playground for

the kids, and so forth.

However, many buyers don't make their lists complete


You might find a home with the extra bedroom and

nearby playground you want, only to realize, too late, that

your commute to work becomes twice as long. You missed the

importance of the commute because it wasn't on your list.


When you make your wish list, don't be afraid to dream big.

You might not be able to find a home that includes everything

you desire, but you may be surprised by just how close you

can get.

Here are some wish list items to consider:

  • Distances to places you visit regularly - work, schools,

running trails, recreation centers, restaurants,

entertainment venues, shopping centers.

  • Specific home features - a backyard tree, large closets, a

fireplace, a two-car garage, a beautiful view.

  • Neighborhood characteristics -safety, sidewalks, nearby

public transit, playgrounds, the neighbors.

A complete list helps you make a better decision about which

homes to consider. It helps you balance the positives - "I

love the large kitchen with the marble countertops" - with

the negatives - "The bathroom off the master bedroom is

small" - to ultimately make the best buying decision.

Also remember to take your list with you when shopping for a

new home. Use it as a checklist or as a way to organize notes.

Ultimately it will make it easier to shortlist homes, compare

them, and determine when you're ready to submit an offer.

Want to find out which homes on the market fit your wish list?

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After purchasing a new home,

buyers are often focused on

securing a good mortgage, hiring

a reputable moving company,

and preparing for moving day.

Those are all important. But don't

forget home insurance! It's an easy

detail to miss. And if you wait until

the last minute to make those

arrangements, you may not have

time to shop around and get the

best policy and rate.

The ideal time to shop for home

insurance? When your offer is

accepted. Don't leave it until the

last minute.

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