"Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense

and persistence, is the quality that most

frequently makes for success."

Dale Carnegie

"He who does not understand your silence will

probably not understand your words."

Elbert Hubbard

"The propensity to give advice is universal. But

don't worry; the propensity to ignore it is also


Brian Tracy



Say you're shopping for a new home. Your goal is to find the

ideal property, in a neighborhood that is just right for you,

within a price range that you can afford.

What do you need - at minimum - to get started?

If you're looking for ways to get your ducks in a row, here are

some suggestions:

    • A property wish list.
    What does your ideal home look like?


How many bedrooms does it need to have? Do you require

a spacious recreational room? A large deck? A pool? A nice

view? Get your wish list down on paper.

    • A neighborhood wish list.
    Where you live is just as


important as what you live in. What qualities are you

looking for in a neighborhood? A nearby park? Walking

distance to a good school? Hiking trails? A shorter drive to

work? Write it down.

    • A pre-approved mortgage.
    Getting the financing handled up


front takes the guesswork out of what you can afford. Home

sellers will also take any offers you make more seriously.

    • Realistic expectations.
    99.9% of homes sell at or near the


current market rates. So don't expect to find a bargain that

no one else has noticed. Your REALTOR® can help you

understand which homes, in which neighborhoods, are

available within your price range.

    • A great REALTOR®.
    Choosing the right real estate


professional is crucial to making your home shopping

experience less stressful and more productive. It also

dramatically increases your chances of finding a home that

fits your needs and budget.

Looking for more advice on finding your next dream home?

Call today!

"Will our entertainment unit fit along

that livingroom wall?" There's no way

of knowing for sure without a

measuring tape. That's just one of

the items you should have in your

toolkit when viewing homes. Here are

the others:

  • A notebook

A digital camera

A street map of the community.

A small flashlight.


Keep this toolkit in your car. It will

make your home shopping excursions

more productive.

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