"Know where to find information and how

to use it - that's the secret to success."

Albert Einstein

"I don't care howmuch power, brilliance or

energy you have, if you don't harness it and

focus it on a specific're never going

to accomplish asmuch as your abilitywarrants."

Zig Ziglar

"You miss 100%of the shots you don't take."

Wayne Gretzky

There's a lot of competition in the housing market these days.

When you put your home up for sale, you're bound to be up

against several other similar listings. That's why it is important

to make sure your property is in a good state of repair so that

it makes a good impression on potential buyers.

Here are some things that may need your attention or the help

of a reputable contractor:

1. Doorways. Inspect all your entry systems closely. Look for

sagging screens, cracked glass, squeaks, and aging or

broken aluminum parts. Consider giving your doors a fresh

coat of paint.

2. Roof. Check for missing shingles and have replacements

installed where necessary. Also inspect the gutters.

Remove any leaves and other debris that may have


3. Walls. Look for nail pops, holes and dents. Patch and paint

where necessary.

4. Toilets. Make sure all toilets are still secured firmly to the

floor and don't rock when you sit on them. Anchoring nuts

tend to corrode over the years. Replace where necessary.

5. Faucets. Inspect all faucets, including those in the laundry

room and other areas. Do you have one that drips? If so,

repair or replace it.

6. Cabinets. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets get scratched

and worn in spots over the years. There are many great

scratch repair products on the market that can make

cabinetry look almost new.

7. Decks and gates. Any loose boards? Rickety stairs?

Sagging gates that you have to lift in order for the latch to

close? Buyers will notice. Get them fixed.

The good news about these types of repairs is that they are

relatively inexpensive, yet make your home show

significantly better.

Want more ideas for selling your home faster and for the best

price? Call today!

You may think that being a host or

tour guide for potential buyers who

are viewing your home is a good

idea. After all, who knows more

about the wonderful features of

your property than you do?

The problem is, buyers don't feel

the same way.

They much prefer to see your home

with only a REALTOR® present. This

helps them feel less like an intruder

and more comfortable giving your

property their full consideration.

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