Blood for Airmiles??

The Winnipeg Realtors are on a mission and it is to collect as much of your blood as possible -- no Vampires (as Vampires are strictly excluded from selling  Real Estate in Manitoba )  but for the Canadian Blood Service - if any one can sign my sheet at the upcoming Selkirk Clinic at the Rec centre - Tues May 11 - give the gift of life - Iknow some people are unable to give which makes every donation more Precious but really any moderately healthy man can give easily as we seldom have low iron - I look at it as a free checkup every 2 months and my last donation time was a record 4:00 - granted it can take 20-30 mins to arrive at the collection station but there are free donuts at the end !! 

As an added bonus i will give 300 air miles to anyone who come in to the arena and tries - and if they cant use your blood really i can't fault you for that -- i am not sure if they will let me do the draw yet but if i am allowed i will donate it..  I am proud to say i have given 46 times and look forward to hitting 50 by year end. PS Realtors and employees of real estate companies are not eligible to win my prize. For more info see

or click the links below for Selkirk clinic info


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