As many of you are aware the Manitoba Condominium Act changed February 1,2015 and went from 50 pages to 233. attached here The Condominium Act (full) .

the upshot is a  lot more buyer protection and a lot more work for Condo owners, Boards, Lawyers and Especially your Real Estate Agent. to get these deals to close without incident.  when we first heard of these changes the rumor was that a minister in the govt had a bad experience, unfortunately the truth appears to be that Manitoba had lagged far behind other jurisdictions and this is more of a level playing field across Canada for Condo Buyers.  

A " a coles notes" version Real Estate News Article that we can provide to condo boards and vendors to ensure we can put together the required documents in a timely fashion when the time to sell occurs. we also want to work with Condo boards to help get their documents in compliance as soon as possible especially in regard to survey excerpts that are a new requirement under the act.  Also there is a mandatory checklist we can help you compile - kind of a Condo vendors scavenger Hunt you will need to complete before you can legally transact your humble abode.  

stay tuned for further developments and if you have any questions just email me at  and someone will get you the answer in a timely fashion.



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