Care for Old Dogs

I am sad to report our family lost our little dog recently - he was 16 years old losing his sight, hearing, and had trouble getting around. But he was a proud little senior and stayed active barking at anyone who walked by and following his friend Sandy around the yard. Sadly he suffered a very common Geriatric dog fate - he fell down the basement stairs. we rushed him to the vet at 1130 saturday night - took him in to the vet, sat down in the waiting room and my wife saw a magazine that said " how to care for a geriatric dog" and the glaring statement - put a gate at the top of stairs to keep your dog from falling - we had to put him down with a badly dislocated hip and that was no fun and even for a farm boy like me  felt a profound sense of loss reserved for close family and friends.  16 years together through good times and bad he was always happy to see me (unless he had been in the garbage)

The Staff at Pembina Veterinary Hospital were honest, professional and compassionate and i would like to send our families thanks - they have a comprehensive website that can help with your pets care -

Goodbye  Blacky, Black dog, Count Blackula, Blacks we miss you -sorry we didn't know about that stair thing -




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