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I just attended the Century 21 International Convention to celebrate our Teams Success as the #11 Team by units in Canada.  The exact same Rank as 2012 and i was sure we worked harder!! The real reason I go is to keep abreast of the technology and trends in today’s real estate markets, and I find the US is usually 3 years ahead of Canada - as in; I ask, wow, can I get this in Canada! and they say not for 2 or 3 years.  I always offer to beta test for them, no takers yet. 

The essence of what we are trying to accomplish it to make our clients happy in the right home for them.  finding the special place that is unique to each individual.  When we achieve happiness for our clients it is a fantastic feeling! 

 The courses we take and the training we get is to improve our business, and that is in a direct relationship to customer satisfaction.  The better you feel about your experience the better our business gets.  its involved in every aspect from the  web experience on the landing page to the Sold Sign on the property. the phone service and communication channels.  No one is perfect, and this experience has motivated me to deliver a more consistent representation from all of our team, from weekly training and listing reviews to more effective advertising and presentation techniques.

bottom line, the George Hacking Team is pumped to deliver that special place to our clients, and we have better tools and direction to achieve it.

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