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My Brother is a union representative for canada post and recently appeared on television regarding the 5 year plan that will end home delivery. I like my home delivery, but i could live with 3 days a week in reality - i am also older than most people at 53 so my views probably dont reflect demographic changes etc. but i found it interesting that canada post hasn't actually lost money except when the postal workers wer locked out. 

See my brother on tv discussing postal issues - how do you feel -

I use the mail for business to prospect and i use direct mail pieces - i deliberatly target slower mail days so i am alone in the mailbox as much as possible. i think my mail has more impact when there is no garbage bin next to the box.  and with changes to internet privacy the mail may have a rennaisance

this was one comment i got that i paraphrased

I agree with restructuring and the news caster made it sound like it would be monumental. Soooooo misleading, businesses do that ALL the time to accommodate things like new technology, downsizing, efficiency etc that is what business and system analysts do every day, .  Totally disagree with getting rid of door to door service absolutely other options available....


PLEASE COMMENT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK - I may be biased because of my brother but i dont think managment built a real strong case here.. for more info on both sides see

Financial Post


Globe And Mail


CTV News




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