Hacking, more than a Name

I was inspired today by a Google doodle of Grace Hopper " The mother of Cobol" and a pioneer in the computer languages we take for granted in our big data Server farms and even our smartphones televisions and video games - nothing happens on those machines without an extremely carefully detailed & (coffee fueled) ocean of sequential instructions


Today I confess to once being a Hacker on a cybershare card fed Basic programming code in high school, when I wrote a nefarious set of instructions lovingly know to my classmates as ADD B which when surreptitiously inserted into their card stacks as they slowly streamed into the remote computer at 1200 Baud and removed after they went into the retriever bin would generate an maddening ADD B and terminate instruction some minutes later on the output printer. it was 1977 and I claim I was certainly  the first Hacker at Lord Selkirk High school and was nearly lynched at our high school reunion when i disclosed my identity 22 years later as the infamous ADD B.

anyway that was the extent of my data programming and although i enjoyed the process of programming there were just too many other things i wanted to do. looking back , if I had used my powers for good instead of playing pranks maybe my iPhone would last more than 7 hours on a charge.

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