Is the New Year the Time to Make New Friends?

 Making new friends was so easy when we were children.  There were kids in the neighborhood to play with and classmates to hang out with.  All through school and on into college, people were just there – people who became our friends.

 That all changed when we entered the adult world.  We may be surrounded by people in our community and/or work environment with whom we’re friendly, but they may not be people we form friendships with.  Sometimes friendships end because people move away, or people change, or they simply get too busy with family and work to do more than send a holiday card.  And while the opportunities for staying in touch through social media are plentiful, they simply can’t replace the deep connection with a good friend.

 So, if you think it’s time to expand your horizons and enrich your life by forming a new friendship or two, here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  1.  Take your dog for walks where other dog walkers go.  If you don’t have a dog, offer to occasionally walk a neighbor’s dog.
  2.  Join a group – book club, community theater, scrapbooking, cooking, bird watching.
  3. Become a volunteer – the options are endless and you’ll feel good doing it.
  4. Go back to school and enroll in a course that fascinates you.  You’ll meet people with the same interest.
  5. Shape up while meeting new people in an exercise class.
  6. Get active in a cause or goal you believe in, such as a “fight against cancer” organization or political candidate’s election committee.
  7. Become a member of a museum or zoological society, then attend their member-only events.
  8. Start an investment club.  This takes some research, but you can make friends and make money at the same time.

Good friends are a critical part of a good life – and even good health!  Here’s to your New Year, and new friends.


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