John Lennon

Sure, its not real estate, but it's amazing the influence that John Lennon has had in our culture - one that is likely to expand as the rights to Beatles and Lennon songbooks get dispersed into commercials over time. Well today is his birthday and although i am FAR to young to remember Beatlemania, John made a difference to me.  "Imagine" if he were alive today, I wonder how he would have embraced technology?   "In my life " was our  wedding song and our shared love of Beatles was a major contributor to our early relationship Thanks John Lennon, you weren't perfect (far from it) but really that's the point, just a "jealous guy" in any case an excellent bio and music to download are available at the alleged official site  Its really tragic that he only lived to 40 and amazing what he had accomplished by then, we miss you John Lennon.

Enjoy John's birthday and remember, whatever gets you through the night -- is allright!

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