Mr Handy says YOU CAN DO THIS!

My wife (cruelly) calls me Mr Handy. not because i am especially handy but for my penchant of completing 90% of my projects.  they are usually functional but lack that sophisticated elegance of a properly trimmed and finished outcome.  Well i reluctantly took on a project to convert my old school leaky toilet to a dual flush - i went to our local home hardware and bought a conversion kit for 28.00 and went on the warpath - took everything apart installed the new system and was feeling pretty good - just had to install the new handle - arrgh it was put together already by some overzealous Chinese factory worker and would not come apart - i ran to the store and of course i had bought the only one in stock - Saturday 4pm - decision time - wait for part - 4 days no toilet -Mr Handy Strikes again!! Undeterred I start over - luckily i found a even slicker model at the Canadian tire and 40$ later i was home doing the install - it was even easier and if i had bought it first i would not have had to remove the tank from the bowl. installed it - calibrated it  and i was feeling pretty good about myself and the environment and my future water bill- i will let you know how that goes.  in closing i would say this is an easy project and you will save at least 160$ over buying a new toilet and scrapping your old one.  there are many u-tube videos to walk you through it  and i would say it is a job for even a beginner to try. this is the finished product and YOU CAN DO THIS. My toilet was very old school so i installed both the dual flush and the fill valve. the new fill valve was simple and intuitive. it made calibrating the dual flush twice as easy - perhaps because it was the same manufacturer and its almost foolproof instructions

George Hacking

George Hacking

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