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Rick Davidson and George HackingEnjoyed great las Vegas convention and i am inspired by the focus and direction of our leadership. President and CEO Rick Davidson, and CMO, Bev Thorne know that our business is about customer satisfaction and providing value to buyers,sellers and financial partners.  Towards this end century 21 is working on making the mobile world seamlessly merge with our web sites -  you can scan a code or text a # and get all the info required on the home you are driving past.  this does not require a smartphone and i was surprised to find that 70% of phones in use are not smartphones - they say by Aug 2012 it will be 50% but that's is still 1/2 of the people who will be able to use the text option to get home information that have been largely ignored in the explosion of technology .. they also have winning strategies in social media - to be there with the information without being intrusive.  our mobile platform is excellent and improving, our vision is to lead with technology and 3 days of seminars focused on improving our skills in embracing it at the grassroots agent level. Throw a moving presentation by Aron Ralston (127 hours subject) and a surprisingly great performance by REO Speedwagon and i feel Century 21 Head office set a great example by delivering value to their customers. oh yeah we even got a visit from cake boss - watch for me near the entrance in may . but i will probably get cut for looking at the camera -  Vegas was cruel in the casino but no hard feelings.

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