St Andrews Election Results 2010

Rural municipality of St. Andrews results

 Reeve – Don Forfar

 Councillors – Bob Ataman, Elmer Keryluk, Kutiss Krasnesky, Russ Garvie, Ralph Boch, Laurie Hunt

These results are very hard to find!!

i hope in the next election municipalities have an employee updating poll results - even the local media who get a windfall in advertising dont seem to have a person updating their pages - am i alone i think we want to know who wins before we go to bed


  St. Andrews, RM
Population: 11,359 Eligible voters: 8,400
Ward or At-large: Ward Total # of voters: 4,115 % voter turnout: 49%
      Elected?     Incumbent?
Position Name of Candidate Ward # Yes No Acclaimed # of votes Yes No
Reeve Forfar, Don   x     2095 x  
Reeve Pike, George     x   2020   x
Councillor Ataman, Rob 1 x     321 x  
Councillor Stutsky, Paula 1   x   259   x
Councillor Keryluk, Elmer 2     x   x  
Councillor Krasnesky, Kurtiss 3 x     453 x  
Councillor Wereschuk, Paul 3   x   139   x
Councillor Lywak, Randy 4   x   135   x
Councillor Ostermann, Al 4   x   292   x
Councillor Garvie, Russ 4 x     304   x
Councillor Boch, Ralph 5 x     381 x  
Councillor Loutit, Gordon 5   x   375   x
Councillor Hunt, Laurie 6 x     532 x  
Councillor Weidl, Arnold 6   x   347   x


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