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Wow just spent 1700$ to find out you should not tow a vehicle using reverse!!  my transmission broke a band that is only used for reverse - the forward gears are a series of more durable clutches.. especially jerking it as i did to get my friends truck moving while getting his ice fishing shack off the river.  transmissions generate 3 times the pressure in reverse as well so backing up a cold vehicle is bad too.   

ERM automotive in lockport did the work and Eric Merkel is the Grand poobah of transmissions - he showed me the offending band and some of the beefed up sport transmissions he has built for serious off roaders. any half ton is really not meant to go off road think super duty 3/4 ton or better if you wanna walk the talk - but no matter what you do DO NOT TOW IN REVERSE - there is no mention of this in the owners manual of the 2008 F150 - do i smell a class action suit??. those tow hooks on the front are so appealing but they should be on the back.  As Eric Merkel the transmission guru responded - uh, those are to pull you out - not vice -versa.

Well 2 days later and rolling again . Poorer but wiser - hard to believe it took me more than 50 years to learn this. please comment and tell me someting else i don't know - or even worse somethin i dind't even know i didndt know


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  1. Kelowna Towing Operator 04/12/2013 at 1:10 PM

    It's really too bad that happened. Whenever I tow, if I have a question, I just put the vehicle on dollies or we use the flat deck and then there are no issues. The customers truck, car or vehicle is certainly #1 and I wouldn't want that to happen to me so we make sure it doesn't happen to you. We don't even tow vehicles and put them in neutral. If the wheels have a drive shaft, we disconnect the drive shaft so they are free moving if we can't dolly it or put it on a flat deck. If you're not sure, have it put on a dolly or flat deck.

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