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West Kildonan

West Kildonan is the area north of Inkster Blvd and west of the Red River. The area is liked for its large parks, including Kildonan Park along the River. West Kildonan is also convenient to several shopping malls on the west along McPhillips Street. This neighbourhood also includes a beautiful well known section, Scotia Street, which is east along the river.

The community was developed about 60 years ago and includes approximately 5,000 homes. Please see the Interactive Property Map for more information.


West Kildonan is served by the Seven Oaks School District and has 7 schools. This district offers an English/Hebrew program and various languages are offered in after-school programs.There are 5 elementary schools; Belmont School (French Immersion K-5), Forest Park School (English K-5), Governor Semple School (English K-5), Margaret Park School (Hebrew and English K-5) and Victory School (English K-5). There are also 2 middle schools; Edmund Partridge Community School (English 6-5) and Ecole Seven Oaks Middle School (English and French (6-8). For students attending high school there is the brand new West Kildonan Collegiatejust north of West Kildonan, along with other options (find schools in your area). The community is also close to the University of Winnipeg’s downtown campus.

The neighbourhood includes Kildonan Park which has many enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities including an outdoor pool, a cross country skiing area, an outdoor rink, and is also home to the Rainbow Stage. The community is also home to the Kildonan Park Golf Course, and the Kildonan Yacht Club is on the other side of the river.

West Kildonan Memorial Community Centre is within this neighbourhood and provides indoor and outdoor recreational and  leisure opportunities.

West Kildonan is just minutes away from several shopping malls, including Templeton Square, Garden City Square Garden City, and Northgate. There are a number of stores and services along Main Street, including the Seven Oaks Plaza on the corner of Jefferson

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