Fat, its not just a MuffinTop Problem

Believe it or not Bacon Grease, fat or oil will clog major lines and can have a serious effect when lines get stressed by flash storms etc - in london there was a clog the size of a whale - all fat - this is a good program or use something safe - but not the drain. fat is everywhere as this quirks and quarks bit explains http://www.cbc.ca/1.4424541

Municipalities, and water professionals can sign up for the Your Turn program by visiting buff.ly/2D0wx1O
Read more about #FOGhttps://buff.ly/2CWlN4l

To combat fatbergs, FluksAqua and London, Ontario have partnered to provide fat, oil, and grease collection cups to municipalities across Canada.
Fat particles - mostly from cooking up greasy foods -…

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