Stop Wishing. Start Doing


When is the last time you wished for something? A better job. A healthier body. A padded bank account. A happier life.

At some point we all wish for things it seems like we’ll never have. But maybe we wouldn’t feel so bad about not having these things if we stopped comparing ourselves to others and what they have.

When we click through endless social media posts we often get down on ourselves for not being as lucky / slim / rich / happy as everyone else we see. Comparing yourself to others (especially those you’ve never even met!) will leave you feeling deflated and unmotivated.

The best way to turn your mindset around is to stop looking at everyone else’s life on digital paper. Instead, start taking small steps towards the things you truly long for. If you take one step every day towards what you want, you’ll be seven steps ahead of where you are today at the end of the week!

What’s one step you can take right now to turn your wishes into realities?

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