You Only See What You Look For

A woman attended a high-dollar fundraising event and spent the whole night comparing her dress to all the other women’s beautiful dresses. Ashamed of her own dress, she spent the entire evening hugging the wall and talking distractedly to an elderly man without really paying attention to the conversation.

A few days later her friend asked the woman what she thought about the famous actor she had been talking to all night at the fundraiser. The woman had no idea the man she had been basically ignoring all night was someone famous!

Take a moment and look around you. How many red things do you see? Now close your eyes and mentally list all of the blue items around you. Difficult, right? This exercise shows us how we only see what we are looking for and miss out on the things we’re not focused on.

So remember: while it’s important to have tunnel vision to go after what you want, you may be missing something really important that’s right in front of you unless you take a look around and shift your focus every once and awhile!


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