Alaska at Last

So, there we are, at the ferry dock hours ahead of time...Andy didn't want to miss the boat. We sat alone for at least an hour as people dribbled in. We were the only large camper on the ferry...much to our surprise. We thought everything would be jammed. Ferry was clean and pleasant...we saw some whales, a dolphin, bald eagle and once ashore, tons of ravens who seem like clever charlatans.


The view from our campsite is terrific. We are staying at a fishing resort and are watching the sports fishermen carry in more fish than they could eat in a year. It's tempting to walk up to them and ask if they might have an extra fillet or two, but my guess is that they are spending thousands of $$$$$ to catch their booty...we are still trying to find a fish merchant in a town where everyone has a boat and catches their own.l

Ketchikan could be any small American coastal town. They have Walmart, Safeway...and, a harbour front with a three ring circus. Four huge cruise ships arrived this morning pumping some 10,000 people into what should be a quaint downtown. Merchants are up for it with souvenir shops, a Christmas store with a living Santa Claus with a real curly beard. And yes, he said, kids pull it all the time and get scared when they discover it's real.

I must admit, Andy & I wandered for a few minutes, more interested in the docking of one of these huge ships then with the shenanigans going on around us. We will try to find a smaller crowd tomorrow to walk the historic Ketchikan Creek that started it's life as a red light district.

The weather is cold, rainy and foggy...which is normal. We have had wonderful weather up until now, so a bit of rain & drizzle doesn't feel too bad. From our perch we can see huge salmon called Pinks leap in the air to catch bugs. Forecast for the rest of the week is more rain, fog and drizzle.

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