Amazing Alaska Highway

Travelling the Alcan Hyway is so lonesome, awesome and amazing. We left Watson Lake in the rain & fog and wondered about the next 500kms...what would the road be like, would there be gas, what would lay ahead? The first surprise was the felt like driving on the Gatineau Park driveway. Wide swaths of cut grass on both sides and the pavement was excellent. Then we saw a brown bear at the side of the road eating road kill. No, it wasn't Paddington bear, it was Mr Grizzly who looked at me as though he could care less.

We travelled through 3 herds of Buffalo grazing on the side of the road and had to watch for Elk because they didn't seem to care about highway or cars. The road through the Rocky Mountains was windy and hilly and narrow, but the scenery was absolutely wonderful. Nobody ever talks about this part of the trip...Muncho Lake can equal Banff for beauty and drama.

My computer won't permit me to upload photos for some reason. I'll try again at the next campsite....griz eating carrion is worth the effort. Next stop with a stronger signal, I'll upload some photos. We are in Fort Nelson, a busy town which services the north (mining, lumber & tourist industries). The Laird highway goes to Fort Simpson in the Northwest, we are in the limber lost of the great North of British Columbia.

Next stop....Dawson Creek and mile #1 of the Alaska Highway.

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