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We followed and skirted the upper Rocky Mountains for a while after leaving Fort Nelson. On the way out we noticed a huge gas processing facility and followed pipelines all the way to Dawson Creek. The highway was good, but man, there isn't much but trees and sky. The hills we travelled would be kilometers up and kilometers down. We would start looking for gas stations when we were half full....a lot of them were closed or would only pump gas for emergency.

After 3 hours on the road, we started to see signs of civilization...fields with hay, perhaps a lane way...then a few horses and then, we hit Fort St John. We saw 30 or 40 tracker trailer loads of huge heavy and expensive equipment. ..often unrecognisable to Andy, that we think was an oil rig or two being transported north. Trucks that looked like honey wagons were probably transporting drilling mud. The feeling of Fort St John was hustle, bussel and the ratio of pick up trucks to any other vehicle was at least 3 to 1...Andy couldn't get over the equipment.

We passed over the Peace looked huge there....I would love to see it later in its path when all the tributaries poured into it's turbulent waters. We went through some heavy rain storms, so we couldn't stop for photos....there was nowhere for hundreds of kilometers to pull over anyway.

As we passed Fort St Johns and headed to Dawson Creek, it was almost like culture shock, coming out of the far reaches of the wilderness into familiar sights of rolling wheat fields, sign posts for the likes of McDonalds, Holiday Inn et al. The rolling forests have turned into a patchwork of farm fields and instead of Elk, we see the odd field of cows. When you look at the map, we are still so far north west of home....650 kms to Edmonton, but home to Terra familiar.

And, there we are, at mile 0 on the Alaska (Alcan) highway. We travelled the 1524 miles from Fairbanks to Dawson Creek on the way home. We'll add up all the miles, actually, I have been keeping track in far around 12,000 and we are still a long way from home.

Just a little personal note about the kind of campers we have become. We like our creature comforts so the menu for a campground includes electricity, sewer, WiFi and cable. We might cook on our BBQ outside, but we live in our travelling motel...most comfortable and our home away from home. The trip has been wonderful and more yet to come.

Stay tuned!

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