Fast Ferry to Juneau

The "Fairweather" is a new double hulled ferry that wowed Andy. Sleek, slim and luxurious it has two 4500 hsp diesel's on each hull and pops 37 knots which means the nine hour trip is cut in half. We raced over the smooth inland waters comfortably and ... (the ceiling is getting higher!!!!)

While we were busy watching see their noses first, then their back humps in an arc, then wow...the tail flips up, just like in the movies. We saw many and loved them. Small icebergs drifted down from the Tracy Glacier and,Oh, my goodness..... up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's, it's THE SUN!!!!!!!

Glorious!!! The blue and bright is spirit lifting...yea! Upon arrival to Juneau's ferry dock, the Menendhall Glacier dominates the view...specatular!

We are very happy with our campgrounds. It's in a mature forest of tall evergreens, with ferns for undergrowth. This will be our home for the next six days. An avalanche took out the power lines to Juneau last winter. They have been restored, but the price of power has quadrupled. My two loads of laundry has cost $16 so far and I need to go back to the camper for more $$$$$$.

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