The trip from Prince George across the plains was interesting with gently rolling red and green hills (pine trees, dead from the pine beatle) and trembling poplar. Not much there until Smithers where the mountains jump up again. We arrived in the towns called "the Hazeltons" in the mountains called, not surprisingly, "the Hazelton Mountains" I gather the Gitxsan Native people called it something else, but the Euopeans, in their wisdon changed the name to reflect the many Hazelnut bushes growning in the area.

The gorge in the first photo shows at first blush, native folks netting Sockeye salmon. Walking down to their work area, I discovered they were actually catching, measuring, weighing and tagging the fish, then sending them on their way. That was on my side of the gorge....Andy saw the folks on the other side catching and hitting them on the head....guess they were fishing for food!

The third photo shows the Ksan Historical Village...a showplace of rich cultural heritage....they were rich in fish, animals and berries so didn't have to be nomads to survive. They lived in wonderful cedar long houses...almost as nice as our post and beam and spent the winters doing their arts and crafts and I guess having parties.

The last photo is the confluence of the Buckly and Skeena Rivers. I walked down to admire the view and saw nearby a cute black dog...Not! It was a black bear fishing at the interesection of the rivers, so I did what any red blooded Quebecer would do....I turned and left the area quickly. I read afterwards they can run faster than anyone....if he was bored with fishing, he could have tried his hand at taking down an old grandma. (You wouldn't have thought I would be as old as I am with my vapour trail behind me!)

We are in Terrace at the moment....it seems the truck blew a spark plug...go figure how that would happen. We are renting a car so we can see the sites, and hope the Ford dealership can work their magic so we continue on our saga.

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