Leaving Ketchican

The rain in Alaska is something to be noticed. We managed to do some sight seeing downtown because while there were 3 cruise ships in port, most of the tourists stayed on board doing what cruisers do.

Creek Street, where the buildings were built over the ocean inlet because there was no flat land still exists as a tourist area. It actually started out it's life as a red light district and Dolly's house is still there with a new dolly at the door. "Go get your husband", she said, "He will really like it here!"

Not sure what she had in mind, but Andy stayed in the truck.

One of the ineresting things about Ketchican is the fish. Our camp site was actually a fishing resort where we watched sports fisher people load up to 30 salmon into wheel barrows on the dock. The pink salmon were jumping all over the place and one actually jumped on the dock. In town, we saw a restauranture wheel a barrow full of fish from the wholesaler to his cafe. We couldn't buy a fresh fish anywhere. The one fish store we found said come back on the weekend! We had BBQ'd beef in Ketchican. What a disappointment!

Alaskans have a great sense of humour. Or so we thought when we went to catch our ferry to Petersburg. The ferry was to leave at 4:15 am with a check in time of 2:15 am. We cleverly parked on the Harbour apron at 6 and had a lovely supper with wine (lottsa) and set our alarm for 2 am when we would leisurely get ready to hand in our tickets. Not!!! Someone banged on our door at 11:30 waking both of us from our wine induced deep sleep and said they were ready to load. We thought he was joking when he said to back down the ramp. The rain was driving sideways and we could hardly see the ferry at the bottom of this dark ramp. Andy was up for the challenge and did the job really well.

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