Leaving Whitehorse, and the Yukon

Kluane .... Amazing!

It was almost sad to leave our temporary home in Whitehorse....it's such a vibrant little city. We did a quick trip west to catch some of the mountains we missed last week in the rain, clouds and fog. Kluane vistas are world class.

Teslin Lake is about 166kms long..Tlinglit word for Long Narrow Water. It is 700 ft deep in places and home to spawning Chum & Chinook salmon travelling up the Yukon River. The above bridge is the longest span on the Alaska Highway. In terms of real estate....lots of waterfront lots left ....we saw no development anywhere!

Passing through the Northern start of the Cassiar mountains brought us to the north western line of the Great Divide. I am always interested where the water flows and up to 280kms beyond Whitehorse, all creeks, streams & rivers flow into the Yukon River and ultimately to the Bering Sea. Past the great divide in the Cassiars', all water flows into the McKenzie River system which empties into the Beaufort Sea. We will cross the same great divide again in the Rockies, where the water will flow north again....after meandering through Alberta, Saskatchewan and to Manitoba into Lake Winnipeg where it leaks down into the Nelson River and into Hudson's Bay. I once lost a Burgenstock sandal in the Elbow River....I think a Walrus had it for breakfast in the Arctic.

We stopped at Watson Lake which calls itself the Gateway to the Yukon. It's a small town which feeds the mining, hunting, & tourist industry. In 1942, when the Alaska Highway was underway, a homesick GI erected a sign pointing home showing the mileage. There are now more than tens of thousands of signs..(excluding the Taylors from Chelsea, Quebec---next time we'll bring something to mark the trip.)

The saga resumes tomorrow...while on our way home, we are passing through new horizons....every day and adventure and a pleasure.....at least, most every day....you know us!

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