On the down side of home!

We decided to take another whack at Banff National Park...to give ourselves a rest from the road. We tried to see Lake Louise....so did thousands of other people. We gave up on that and found our way into Moraine Lake nearby. I think God was there...or, at least, the spirit of my dad who loved the Rockies.

We said adieu to the 3 sisters in Canmore...or until we meet again and limped down the mountain to Okotoks with a worn rear U joint. Andy was worried, as usual, but it was downhill. My niece Michelle and her family made us welcome as the Ford dealership fixed that little issue along with a few others. We left there on Tuesday and headed for Regina and a few days with old friends.

Prairies were as flat as ever and the excitement started again at Lake Superior, just beyond Thunder Bay. We arrived in Sault Ste Marie Sunday and took the Algoma Central Railway to the Agawa Canyon on Monday. An all day event, Andy loved the two GF430c diesels...I told him there was no room at home for another one of his toys.

The Canyon was lovely...train ride long. We had a picnic with the usual wine & cheese et al and take out for supper. It's hard being on the road.

This has been a trip of a lifetime for two old folks like us. It soon stopped being a holiday and became a lifestyle....we will have to organize all our photos to figure out where we have been. Tuesday, we head home, via Toronto for an errand (out of wine!!!!!) and will be home by Thursday to see our family. Tune in again for the final installment of the Taylors' trip to Alaska.

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