Out of the Boonies ...we're back to Whitehorse!

Dawson City...where the gold rush brought people to moil for gold....it almost feels like a time warp. Many of the original buildings have been restored....the feel of the quiet town is that of the turn of the century. Honest, the streets are dirt and the sidewalks are board walks.

We were coached to see Dredge #4 where the serious & professional gold seekers took over when the first gold rushers left after two years of unforgiving, difficult digging for that bright yellow prize.

We finally found it...took a wrong turn and we arrived just as the Federal Guide had started the 10 o'clock tour for about 30 people. We just fell into the tour, feeling lucky. About 10:30 during the lecture an officious lady in uniform saddled up to Andy to say that we would have to join the 11 o'clock tour because this one was for a tour bus and by the way, we would have to pay money. Andy spun on his heels and hiked back to the truck and fumed for the next two hours. "We have already paid for this with our taxes!" he lamented....the car was icy cold for the next few hundred kilometers!

The trip from Dawson City to Whitehorse is long....450 kms of uninhabited land, yellow and brown because they are in the middle of their autumn. Whenever we touched the Yukon River Valley, we marvelled at the might of the river. At Whitehorse, the water was almost glacial in colour....dusty, cloudy turquoise. We understood the brown turbulence at Dawson after viewing the number of rushing rivers emptying into the Yukon....it continues flowing until it reaches the Bearing sea. Amazing!

One of the observations I have made are the people who live here. Without exception, anyone I spoke to said they arrived here and fell in love. The ambiance of the town is one of up scale attitude. Everyone is happy and friendly...at least anyone I talked to. You see a few pan handlers.....I guess that's true of anywhere. This is a possitive and good city. We are pleased to have spent a few days here.

And, for those of you who are connoisseurs of fish and chips....better head for the Yukon because this little restaurant does halibut and fries best!

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