Prince Rupert

Here I am at an old fish cannery, long closed down. We took a tour and saw how the Chinese workers used to prepare all the fish by hand. Then they used machinery....I may never have canned salmon again!You meet all kinds of travellers...the people in this camper took a container ship from Europe to South America. They are Swiss and have been on the road from South America to Alaska for almost two years. They will take another several months to cross Canada then grab a container ship home. Hmmm, that can't be cheap.The fish market had the most wonderful salmon ever! We started with Coho one nite, then had Sockeye. We had to wait for the fisherman to fillet the melted in our mouths. I am not sure I am up to crab yet.....we might try it later in the trip.Cow Bay is the trendy tourist area. I gather it was named when some cows swam to shore from a ship many years ago, No cows, but lots of tourists coming and going, mostly by ferry north to Alaska or south to Vancouver and Bellingham.

Today we line up for the ferry. They have to measure our rig...we think it's 42 feet and that's what we have paid for.....they promise they will charge more or recompense if it's not that size. Not a finger nail biter, but we don't have our tickets yet. Ferry leaves at 3:45...we are on our way's only 10:30, but Andy wants to be first in line.

Next message will come from Alaska!

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