Sensational Salmon

Oh well, this morning we awoke to the usual drizzle, some 10C. No dampening of spirits yet because we drove a few minutes to the Menendhall Glacier where the view was awe inspiring. The robin's egg blue of the ice is brighter in the clouds...go figure.

A trail let us around to a walkway over a gravel fast moving mountain stream. Ooops, there was Mr Black Bear fishing his heart out. He crept away from us...don't know why, we wouldn't interrupt his dinner. Meanwhile, his attention was focused on the spawning salmon who were doing their final dance in the stream below us. What a sight! The ladies are smaller and lay their eggs in the small gravel till of the stream. The males, who develop a huge hook on their chin and a hump on their backs, seem to fight over who gets to fertilize the eggs.

Hmmm, sex for a salmon can't be joyous, but it's the last chance for them because they die a few days after they are spent. We noticed the males biting and attacking the other males...many of them looked half dead. I think I'll stop at this for now.

Juneau is charming..sort of set up for tourists. Only one cruise ship in port and with the rain, not many wanderers.

I must admit the stores are full of treasures which would appeal to cruise tourists. Me, I save my money for the gold nuggets they pour into our gas tank.

On to an all day cruise to the Tracy Glacier to see wildlife, waterlife and the calving of the Glaciers! (no relation to the local cows...hee, heee, hee.

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