Taylor Highway and the Top of the World Highway

Another brilliant day as we set off Northeast to Dawson City. The Taylor highway climbs up from Tok into gently rolling mountains with fairly wide shoulders and lots of places to pull over to catch the last of the snow topped mountains.

The views were lovely and the road was good, then all of a sudden, the pavenment ran out and it became dry, dusty and windy. We came to a town we had heard about ... Chicken.... a gold mining town named after the ptarmigan which frequent the area. Nobody could spell the name, so thus it's current name....Chicken!

We were sooo excited to see a town in the middle of this trip into the wilderness. However, there's not much there!

Except an attack chicken.

We left Chicken, chuckling...it's a summer road only and anybody traveling to Dawson City would stop for the sights. The road became more windy and narrow....no shoulders and no guard rails and fairly steep grades. Fortunately there wasn't much traffic....I found it slightly scary...I asked Andy if he were afraid, to which he replied, "No, not really, but I feel awfully aware of the consequences of making a bad decision."

When we reached the Canadian border, the road became paved and we understood where Top of the World came from. We travelled high in the mountains along the top of the ridge for more than 120 kms. Views were spectacular, roads were scary....long way down with nothing to stop one if they missed a turn. Marilyn...you can tell Dave we understood the "white knuckling" syndrome!

The mighty Yukon River greeted us at the end of our trip...a ferry, steamed against a horrendous current took us across to Dawson City where the sidewalks are made of wood and the streets were not paved, but the same dirt they had 100 years ago!

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