Tracy Arm and the Sawyer Glaciers

Up early for a 7:30 departure on the cruise ship adventure Bound. Not only rain and drizzle, but the fog was fairly thick too. Captain Webber assured us the sights would be wonderful and again, I heard the ice colors were more spectacular in the grey. One camper suggested chocolate to bouy one's spirits in rain, cold et al......sooo, Hershey's almond bar for breakfast. It sort of worked...made me feel so sugary crummy, I forgot about the weather.

While the boat was crowded, we were invited to wander all over the place and the roll call of occupants were from all over the world.....New Zealand, Italy, England, and oh, yes, Chelsea, Quebec. The captain would stop and view anything interesting. The photo doesn't show it much, but the color of this iceberg runs from deep, deep blue on the bottom to various shades of blue depending on how it lay in the water. It seems the ice bergs are formed from chunks of ice calving from the glaciers under the water. Years and years of snow packing down the ice flows removes the air and the dense ice forms in amazing shades of blue.

The black dot in the middle of the photo above is a black bear eating barnacles off the steep walls of the fjord. The walls tower 500 to 900 feet high and the depth of the water goes down to at least 900 to 1,000 feet. He was sure footed and wandered away straight up into the woods hanging on the side of the mountain.

This iceberg flipped upside down showing the deep, deep glacier blue.

The ice face of the glacier was about 300 to 400 feet. We were about 1/4 mile from the face in this photo. The sounds were amazing. All would be quiet, then suddenly a gun shot sound and crash, like in slow motion, a piece of the face would drop into the sea, forming huge waves and small ice pads where the local seals would hang out with their white coated babies.

Andy and Georgie having fun at the glacier in the rain, fog & drizzle, not to mention the 8C to 10C temps.

At the end of a long day hunting for sea adventure, we found a rustic place where locals like to go for good seafood. The cutlery was plastic and they gave us two sized paper plates, one for the salad bar and the other for the main course. The wine glasses were the very best Costco plastic tumblers....the food was the best! An Alaskan lad with an earring in his lower lip worried over a BBQ grill to make sure the Sockeye salmon was cooked properly and appropriately. The halibut was deep fat fried to perfection....we passed on the ribs, corn bread and baked beans and dutifully did our best in the all you can eat buffet.

Loved it! We fit in just fine!

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