Whitehorse...so where's the gold?

Driving up to the Canadian border was a challenge....sea level to 3200 feet in first gear. Andy is feeling sensitive about the truck and it's abilities under stress....the spark plug incident has him worried.

His anxt was put aside at the border above where the Canadian Customs officer actually came on board our trailer and did an ounce by ounce inventory of the sundry bits of wine and rum we had. Most bottles and boxes were open and it took us almost an hour to sort through what was exempt, what we bought in the US and in Canada and how much left of the white cheap wine was left in the box. By the time we sorted through, looked at cashiers' receipts and thoroughly confused both the officer and myself, we had to pay $24 American dollars for some boxed wine we paid originally about $18. Andy was so steamed, it took his mind off the truck for a while. (Thank heavens for small mercies!)

As we drove towards Whitehorse, we noticed the change in climate....definitely more arid as we drove away from the rain forests of the coast.

I found the Yukon River so interesting. We went through a mini desert just out of Carcross at the end of Bennet Lake and through sandy areas. I am going to climb up to the bank of the river and stick my finger in to see if it's sandstone, or clay and sand or what. The current in the broad alluvial water course here is remarkably swift.

This is a stern paddler called "The Yukon" The goods came up on the White Pass Railroad and put on these stern paddlers to take goods to Dawson City. I think this one came out of service as late as 1959...I may have that wrong as we didn't take the tour...we just gawked, took a photo and left for our meeting.

We have re aligned our holiday objectives!!!!! It wasn't really time we were running out of....it was Andy's stress levels driving a truck with unknown issues following our dramatic breakdown. We know it's mostly downhill home, and the thought of pulling the fifth wheel up and down mountains in Alaska had us both cowed.

Andy came up with a brilliant idea. We are leaving the trailer in Whitehorse and doing the Alaska tour in the truck, unencumbered. We will be just like other tourists and stay in motels, hotels and eat out et al. It will kind of be like a holiday...from the camper!

So, off to the next part of Alaska tomorrow. We will pan for gold when we get to Dawson City....that's where it's at. They sell gold pans at the Canadian Tire....we'll have to get a couple when we get back to Canada.

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