Whitehorse to Tok, then onto the Alaska State Fair

Whitehorse to Tok, (rhymes with Coke) was some wet...it seems August is the rainy season in the great northwest (not mentioned in all the touring stuff I hoovered last winter). It poured rain all the way...we knew we were on a world class scenic highway and every once in a while, we would catch an outline of a mountain or two. However, we found other things interesting.

After this huge inland lake (gold is all gone!), we found muskeg some permafrost areas. We could tell by the scrubby trees and the rolling roads,we were in the frost heaves... good thing we didn't have the camper...all the dishes would have been broken). I was driving when we passed a sign saying no gas for 108 miles. Andy immediately had a Hissey fit, even though we had a half tank of gas and 2 full Gerry cans of gas. No problem, at 108 kms, we found a hovel with an old pump in front where we stopped and wondered if they were still in business.

All of a sudden, an old codger (older than us) flew out of the building. We asked if he had any gas and he said "You bettcha I do...I just ate two cans of beans and I have lottsa gas!". Indeed, he filled our tanks and we had an amazing visit in his old building with drops of water coming through the roof, an old dog under the table and a wood fire in an old stove in the middle of the place.

Alaska style car wash.

It almost got sunny for about an hour...just enough to lift our spirits, and then, back into the clouds, rain and fog again for several more hours. As we approached the Manuawanska (sp?) Glacier, the ceiling lifted a bit and we were treated to a glacial river of ice, then a racing river valley with all the sights associated with canyons, mounds of glacial till, moraines et al.

And, then Palmer and the Alaska State Fair!

Cabbages the size of wheel barrows.....they told me to come back tomorrow because the really big veggies would be on display. I loved the old fashioned atmosphere. There were cookies, cakes and cows and pigs, all being judged at the fair. My best pavilion held the quilts....there were hundreds. Hmmm, Emma and Annabelle have quilts made by their grandma that would have been in the consideration of the judges if entered. (Hee, hee, hee...we'll never know, but they have been made with sincere love in every stitch...I wonder if the judges take that into consideration.

Andy took this photo showing one of the rides at the fair, across from our motel. It's a bungie ride, you might see the black dot above the two posts...it fires the two people in the air and it flips and bounces...Andy wanted to take the ride, but figures there would be a 50% fuel surcharge for the two of us....we passed!

Tomorrow it's Anchorage, and even though the weather will prevent the vistas we have travelled so far to see, we will travel south to the Kenai Peninsula and see whatever the weater gods will permit us to see.

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