A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to CASL Compliance

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to CASL Compliance

As of July 1st of this year, the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect. This new law effectively makes it illegal to send CEM's without the consent of the receiver. A Commercial Electronic Message (CEM) is any electronic message that encourages participation in a commercial activity, such as an email that contains a coupon or tells customers about a promotion or sale. This also applies to buying or selling Real Estate. If your organization sends CEMs, you’ll need “express consent” from recipients before sending them – although certain exemptions exist.


So, at the behest of the 'Mother Ship' I whipped up a letter that hit the right note for me, went through my considerable contact list and sent out the friendly request that I would like to 'keep in touch'. This exercise proved beneficial in two ways; not only was I able to clean out old contacts due to lack of current email addresses, which were returned with messages saying that 'delivery had permanently failed', certainly an indication of finality, and re-connections with friends and clients alike. I was happily surprised by the shear mass of wonderful, warm-hearted messages from long-time friends. Most of these relationships have been built over the past 20 some odd years. What a lucky guy I am. 

Through the process of what was a mandatory undertaking, I was reminded once again that reaching out is the key to just staying connected. The mental note to myself is worth sharing: communicate with all the people in your life on a more regular basis. It's not just staying in touch, it's about keeping your life full and never dropping your mojo.



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