Just Joined Century 21 In Town Realty!

Great news,

I’m officially able to help you buy and sell REAL ESTATE!

What a busy couple months it’s been; I practically put everything on hold and focused on eating and breathing the Real Estate course I signed up for at UBC Sauder School of Business. If you were to ask me what I would’ve done differently, I would only say one thing, “should have signed up for my exam as soon as I was eligible to do so” I had to wait a couple extra weeks more than I would have liked do to holiday closures.

After that challenge was over, what seemed to be an even greater decision than actually signing up for the course, was figuring out which brokerage would be the best fit for me. It was SO extremely important to find that right place, that place where I would feel like I would have the support I needed in order to set my self up for success and that I felt would equally gain from having me as a part of their team.

I met with quite a few brokerages in Vancouver; spoke with Real Estate Agents about their past and present experiences with their brokerages and after which I was confident in signing up with Century 21 In Town Realty.  In addition to other great aspects of the brokerage, the amazing mentor ship program offer and lead by CEO Michael LaPrairie and Managing Broker Michael Macdonald really sealed the deal for me!

Looking forward to starting this new and exciting career and can't wait to help you all with your Vancouver Real Estate needs.

So please, get in touch!

Mobile: 778-834-3471

E-Mail: ghazaleh.tehrani@gmail.com

Website: www.ghazalehtehrani.com

 -Ghazaleh Tehrani

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Ghazaleh Tehrani

Ghazaleh Tehrani

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