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Ginabe Del Castillo

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Welcome to my Website

Dearest Guests,

Thank you for finding your way to my site!

You are here by chance and I will make sure that this chance is never wasted.  Consider it part of your initial investment, which, in the long run will lavish benefits and security to your future.

My name is Ginabe Del Castillo, your Real Estate Broker.  I am a Filipina--in fact, a proud Ilocana by ancestry and origin.  I finished my basic degree course in the Philippines:  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management at Pamantasan ng Makati.  In compliance to Canada's requirements, I also took Business Management and Major/basic accounting at Thompson Direct.  

In the conduct of business, it is my basic principle to listen.  You are central in every deal.  Yours truly is a mere facilitator--your wish is my command.  All transactions are anchored on principles of transparency, mutual benefits, sound investment, and marketability.  At the helm of it all, you get what you wish for--the best your money can buy.  When I did real estate transactions with  you, your investments do not necessarily end up as stagnant assets which deteriorate through time but these assets prosper with appreciating market value, to the envy of many.

So, there you are. 

Continue visiting my website, the next time, on purpose.  I am on the heat of completing its features for more delights and fun.  You may come in, anytime.



Professional Background

I have been in the realty  business for  fifteen years to date. Prior to joining Century21, I gained some four years of solid sales and marketing experience.  Saleswork entails a lot of competitions and rat races--perhaps, the modern battlefield.  But I was lucky to have risen to the occasion.  I learned how to outsmart the competition while playing it fair on a level playing field.

Then some tender jobs came along, too, if you consider Customer Service and Customer Care, really tender.  After all, it is the catch basin of compliments at a certain moment, then for some weird reason, the fuming frontier of customer tempests, cursing and swearing, when things spiral out of control.  Sanity at this job is entirely fragile.  But we were survivors!

These were the undercurrents that shaped my profession.


Personal Background

My family hailed from the town of Sta. Ana in Cagayan Valley, Philippines.  It is the tipmost part of Luzon, where the national road literally ends to the sea.  Hence, the famed Cape Engano Lighthouse is but a stone's throw away, if we have to exaggerate a little.  (By the way, Cape Engano is hotly developing now into yet another secret pocket of paradise in the Asia Pacific.)  By the west horizon, Camiguin Island is seen during clear days.  Proudly  add the featured Palaui Island where the most thrilled American reality TV show "THE SURVIVOR, blood versus water destined this season which can be watched at  Canadian television channel 3 The Global TV every Wednesday 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Sta. Ana is an intricate natural beauty.  Her beaches are clean and its marine waters are azure.  Her horizons are painted with romantic sunsets as its seawaves kiss the sand in perfect seduction.  What else but serenity, fresh air, freedom and complete delight in the very heart of nature? Hence, it is not odd to see friends falling in love as they walk along the shorelines in summer.  Your real estate broker is no exception:  A young beauteous lass holding hands with a budding lad with full of charms and gentlemanly- like,  dreaming together in that perfect scene.  Then sweet promises.  Picnics.  Swimming.  And the rest is history.

Sta. Ana is a perfect investment hub as well.  Nowadays, new investments on resorts, restaurants, gaming and amusement centers are mushrooming by the minute.  So, should you wish to benefit from this economic boom, this time is opportune.

Before you think Sta. Ana is the only attraction as you drive north, let me explicate further.  Along the way up north, enjoy the scenic and historic Dalton Pass.  It is an uphill drive, sometimes a free-fall like maneuver, just like seating in a cyclone ride in a grand carnival.  Thick tropical rainforests and dangerous curves fascinate even the most intrepid mountaineer.  Fogs and clouds provide some natural special effects to feel the Caraballo Mountain's mystique and charm.  Restaurants, hotels and convenience shops are available even at the mountain's highest peaks.  Hence, traveling to new heights is always a grand dream coming into a perfect journey.

All these and more is Sta. Ana, your friend's hometown.  

Click attached video for Cagayan's Pride...Thanks to source  mar3nidad...

Professional Interests

As a professional, I am interested in sales.  My favorite book is Og Mandino's The World's Greatest Salesman.  Allan Loy McGinnis's Bringing out the Best in People is another fave.  These two books tackle inspirational anecdotes that inspire the spirit to conquer the entropy of the body.

Mastering the art of selling in REAL ESTATE by Tom Hopkins in process of reading his books i recently purchased from the seminar.  Moreover, i attended the TOM HOPKINS whole day business seminar held in Montreal, Quebec.  It was pleasant , powerful and interesting one.  It gave burst of inspiration and motivation in the field of selling.

But not all that, of course!  I love singing, i was an active choir member of one of the prominent Panday Tinig Choral Ensemble and singing for Christ is a preferential vocation.  Charity work is coursed through advertising on church weekly pamphlets and some thru local community papers.

Back home, I also help the less fortunate in our locality.


Community Involvement

Active member of local community organizations.  I participate on Filipino festival celebration once a year and other historical and traditional occasions, cause-oriented groups and outreach organizations within the community. 

Personal Interests

I like watching hockey, fortunate enough  to watch them live at the Bell Centre during the season.

Attending educational seminars,  motivational shows, spiritual shows, Nan O'Brien's Show live, the Theresa Caputo show live in Montreal. 

TOM HOPKINS,  widely recognized as a master sales trainer, business seminar..

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All single dwellings ; cottages, bungalows, condominiums, revenue properties; duplexes, triplexes, fouplexes and more.  First time buyers, investors  and sellers. 



Thompson Education Direct       Business Management                              2000-2003

LaSalle College                            Real Estate Agent                                      2002

Pamantasan ng Makati               Bachelor of Science in Business                   1991-1995


Cagayan State University           Secondary Curriculum                                  1987-1991

Sta. Ana Elem. School                 Elementary curriculum                                1980-1987


  • English
  • Filipino
  • French
  • Ilocano
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