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The borough of Montreal-North is a vast residential and industrial territory of 11,07 sq. km. situated south of the river Rivière-des-Prairies, in the northern part of the City of Montreal.  Montreal-North is bordered in the south by the CN railway track, in the west by J.-J.-Gagné Street, and in the east by Albert-Hudon Boulevard.

Approximately 85,000 residents live in the borough, of which a vast majority belong to the Haitian community.  We find also significant communities of Arab, Italian and Latin-American cultural groups.

Historic Trivia: During the October Crisis of 1970, Montreal-North was the seat of the FLQ and James Richard Cross was sequestered at 19,945 des Récollets Street in Montreal-North.

Historic Monument: Drouin-Xénos House, built in 1741, situated at 5460 Gouin Boulevard East.


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