Great Housing Options Under 300k in Central Ottawa East

Are you looking at shorting your commute time to work? Which would inherently help you save time in the morning, stress and money! That's great thinking and I have options for you. Wether you work  for CMHC, NRC, CSEC, CSIS, La Cité Collegiale, L'Hopital Montfort and want to live within a 1 mile radius,  you have plenty to choose from. 

Also if you are looking over $300,000 you have plenty of options, between new builts, fixer-uppers, detached, executive style rows etc... As Cardinal heights, Beacon Hill & Carson Grove/Meadows offer many options!


For first time buyers or "property virgins" on a budget, and looking for a property with a great ROI (Return on Investment) I have some serious options you may love. The Ottawa east, Gloucester area is also on the rise.. 

If you are looking at something "used" or more commonly called "resale" that are over 10 years old here are your options:

  • Cyrville Area aka Close to Aviation & St. Laurent: Strathaven and Cummings (Stacked 2/3 Bedrooms)
  • Behind the "Silvercity" & Gloucester Centre: Harper Avenue (Stacked 2/3 Bedrooms)
  • Row House: Provender, Leigh, Marquis (2 Storey)
  • Quick access to the Queensway: Gatestone Private (Stacked 2/3 Bedrooms)
  • Off Montreal Road: Gabblefield Private, Sumac, Chimney Hill or Elmsmere.. 
  • Cheapest option Row Houses: Lassiter Terrace houses, Bethamy, Eastvale, Jasmine Cres. (Condominium)
  • Cheapest option #2 Apartments: 665 Bathgate & 555 Brittany (Condo tower) 

Now buying older may not seem that attractive to you, yet it is often cheaper but maintenance and condo fees will often come out as higher than a newer build, this next list is going to display smart "investments" where you could live with minimum operating costs and built between 2006 and today:


  • Cyrville Area aka Close to Aviation & St. Laurent: Steele Park & Redtail Privates Built by Diamond & Regional Group with condo fees of between $150-$200 (Stacked 2/3 Bedrooms built between 2006 & 2008)
  • Off Montreal Road: L'enclave Montfort aka 795, 797, 799 Montreal Road, condos with less than $300 of condo fees (Stacked 2/3 Bedrooms built by Domicile in 2007)
  • Slightly isolated: Beauparc Private offers 1-2 bedroom appartments with less than $300 of monthly condo fees (built between 2006 and 2012 by Richcraft) - Those apartments offer a very non-urban feel to them, yet so close to everything!
  • Aviation Private: Valecraft Homes' latest development is located off Montreal Road on Den Haag & Le Boutillier Avenue. Started in 2013 this new neighborhood will be offering terrace style homes and townhomes between 1,200 sq.ft to almost 2,000 sq.ft starting at $299,000 to $400,000+

Want an expert in the area? Ask me I have been learning alot about the neighborhoods and would love to share my knowledge with you. 

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