VALECRAFT - Aviation Private - Montreal Road (Le Boutillier AV & Den Haag DR)



Aviation Private


The community features 84 Energy Star Certified Executive Terrace Homes, and 22 luxurious Energy Star Certified Rearlane Townhomes. Enjoy a lifestyle modeled on marvelous design, outstanding value, and a worry-free home-buying experience in Aviation Private.

Move in with more!

The Terrace Home and the Rearlane Townhome units comes with 6 appliances, large private balconies (location unit specific), Free VIP Internet, Cable and Phone Package for 12 months, 1 parking spot, and both bedroom suites feature private ensuite bathroom! Come visit the hottest new location by Valecraft homes and speak to one of our sales representatives for more information.


Map of the community and availabilities (Nov-'14)

Eco-Friendly Standards

The Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Aviation Private is made from trees that are locally grown, carefully selected, cut and produced while maintaining environmental integrity. The Renewable harvesting ensures the forest is left in better shape for future generations and the saw mill is so advanced, it can ensure more of every tree is used. The Engineered Hardwood Flooring has a titanium finish to resist scuffing and scratching. There are no added VOC’s, solvents and formaldehyde which is a smart choice for allergy and asthma sufferers as well as individuals with compromised immune systems.

All of the stains applied to cabinetry, railings and even the grout are water-based, which means cleaner indoor air. All toilets and faucets are low-flow (water saving) fixtures to help increase your home’s efficiency and save money, while still enjoying maximum performance.




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