4 Hidden Gems for Outdoors Activities in Ottawa

Spring is here and the only question [...] is where to start? Personally I am always for new inspiration. I despise running in circles seeing the same old boring scenery. I love nature and I like to be a part of it as I’m exercising. It is often hard to find a new terrain if you are not accustomed the outdoors. No need to stress though, because I am here to point out some hidden gems that the National Capital has to offer for all your fitness needs.

1. Rideau Canal

Although not really hidden, it is better known for its winter set-up. With fantastic scenery all along the canal, this makes for a great track. You are not limited to simply walking or jogging. There is also room for bikers to stream along the pavement. Be sure to soak in the scenery while you rip back in shape, and think twice before jumping in the canal for a swim.

2. Dow’s Lake

With the Tulip Fest in full swing, along with a beautiful waterfront, this is a place you do not want to pass by. Take your bike for a ride and soak in the fresh scent of the Tulips. Once you’ve built a sweat, you can enjoy a cozy lunch at the Dow’s Lake Pavilion. It really is the full package and it is filled with inspiration all around to keep your motivation on a constant high.

3. Central Experimental Farm Trail

Mostly a flat terrain, there is a combination of wooden and open areas with access to the Experimental farm and the Canada Agriculture Museum. Passing through fields and barns, you will think you have travelled back in time to the middle ages. It is a wonderful track and great for beginners who are looking for a combination of everything.

4. Dewberry Trail

Situated near downtown Ottawa, it is a short 1km path through a section of boreal forest. A place where chipmunks and squirrels come to congregate, it is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Not much of a running track, there is tons of space for yoga or Pilates. Make sure to keep an eye out for those raccoons though, they tend sneak up on you.

The best part of being outdoors is the level of freedom one can enjoy. Being stuck in a gym can get boring after awhile. Spice up your program with some outdoor exercises, bike to work, or jog to school. Whatever it is you do, do not neglect Mother Nature for it may one day neglect you.

You will find plenty of information concerning trails and other outdoors activities for this summer at www.ontariotrails.on.ca

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